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Dr. Caspermeyer believes strongly in the importance of pets eating correctly for the prevention of any illnesses. Diet consultation is provided for his clients. In certain illnesses (such as kidney disease, diabetes, severe food allergy) a Prescription Diet will be advised (with delivery service to your home). However, for the average pet (without a specific illness) we recommend a wholesome diet made with human quality ingredients.  A favorite diet of Dr. Caspermeyer (and the one he feeds his own pets) is the all natural, chemical preservative and by-product free pet health food, Flint River Ranch.

Dr. Caspermeyer is a Senior Distributor # T351 for Flint River Ranch diets. You may telephone him with questions at 407-832-9266.

If you would like to order the pet health food directly call Flint River Ranch
at (800) 354-6858 and provide Dr. Caspermeyer's name and distributor number (T351).

When you place an order we would appreciate you using our
FRR Distributor Number: FRR# T351
Dr. Mark Caspermeyer

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